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Coefficient of linear expansion

The thermal coefficient of expansion indicates the relative dimensional change of a material per degree of temperature change. This is caused by heat expansion. The Parameters given in our technical specifications on our product pages are the expansion in x- and y- direction (length and width). Further Details could be provided on request!


Composites are combinations of several materials into one.

Compressive strength

Breakage value of a material sample when exposed to pressure. The breakage value is indicated in N/mm². Compressive strength is determined by exposing a material to pressure. Compressive strength is usually expressed as a force per area (N/mm²). Tested according to EN ISO 604.

Contact pressure

Contact pressure occurs when two solids are pressed together with a force. The distribution of force over the contact surface of individual bodies is taken into consideration. The unit of contact pressure is Pascal
(1 pascal = 1 N/m²; 1 megapascal = 1 N/mm²)

Thermal conductivity

The coefficient of thermal conductivity, or heat conductivity, is a material characteristic used to calculate heat flow based on conductance. Heat conductivity is the amount of energy passing through a 1 meter thick layer of material with an area of 1 m² in 1 second when the temperature difference is 1 Kelvin.