Hightech-Heating Plate Cover

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Ranges of application

BRA-GLA® HC  is excellent suitable to insulate hot and flat surfaces, for example as heating plate covers of large presses or as external insulation for machines.

Special material characteristics

  • walk-on stability
  • very high insulating effect
  • easy installation due to the low specific weight
  • the desired geometry can be adjusted easily on site
  • low absorption of fluids and dust


BRA-GLA® HC can be cut with a jigsaw or circular saw and a suitable saw blade on site.

Temperature resistance (short-term) 250 °C 482 °F
Temperature resistance (long-term) 230 °C 446 °F
Thermal conductivity 0.06 W/mK 0.05 btu/ft h °F
Coefficient of linear expansion 20·10-6 20·10-6
Compressive strength (room temperature) 3.1 N/mm2 449.62 psi
Compressive strength (200°C) 3.1 N/mm2 406.11 psi

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