XGD® 15

Hightech Exterior Insulation

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Ranges of application

XGD® 15 was especially developed for the use as exterior insulation of tools and moulds.

Special material characteristics

  • high continuous usage temperature
  • excellent insulation effect
  • high mechanical strength
  • resistant against release agents and oils


The structured side which is installed on the hot side generates additional air chambers which reduce energy losses by convection and radiation. Due to shorter heating–up times the optimization of the process and the safety of the operator, the use of a special outside insulation material is recommended.

Temperature resistance (short-term) 220 °C 428 °F
Temperature resistance (long-term) 200 °C 392 °F
Thermal conductivity 0.12 W/mK 0.07 btu/ft h °F
Coefficient of linear expansion 25·10-6 25·10-6
Compressive strength (room temperature) 250 N/mm2 36259.4 psi
Compressive strength (200°C) 80 N/mm2 11603 psi

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FP-BRA Coating

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