BL® 70

Sliding Material for extreme loads

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Ranges of application

BL® 70 is used as sliding rails and their linings for transport and con­veying systems, in machine tools, in hot water cir­culation pumps, as slide bearings used in turbines,  in rolling mills and in chemical plants.

Special material characteristics

  • high thermal stability
  • low abrasion
  • very good gliding behaviour
  • good resistance against oils, acids and bases
  • no swelling
Temperature resistance (short-term) 290 °C 554 °F
Temperature resistance (long-term) 280 °C 536 °F
Thermal conductivity 0.31 W/mK 0.18 btu/ft h °F
Coefficient of linear expansion 120·10-6 120·10-6
Compressive strength (room temperature) 15 N/mm2 2175.57 psi
Compressive strength (200°C) 2 N/mm2 290.08 psi
Water absorption 0% 0%

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