Mounting Paste

Grease and Lubricant

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Ranges of application

The mounting paste is often used in presses with changing temperature loads. Due to the relative movement of heating platens and insulating boards a sufficient lubrication is required.  Without suitable lubricants different factors can lead to corrosion and slip-stick effects influencing toler­ances and precision sizes. The mounting paste ensures a long lasting lubrication even under pressure and high temperatures.

Special material characteristics

The mounting paste offer protection against:

  • abrasion
  • wear
  • corrosion
  • slip-stick-effects
Temperature resistance (short-term) 1400 °C 2552 °F
Temperature resistance (long-term) 300 °C 572 °F
Compressive strength (room temperature) 230 N/mm2 33358.7 psi

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